How does pricing work?

You can anticipate spending between $100-$200 depending on your location and experience of the stylist. Our goal is to be completely transparent regarding pricing, but please bear with us. We are in the process of adjusting our pricing model to make this a win-win for all. Please specify if you'd prefer a junior or senior hair stylist.

Should I tip?

Absolutely. If you are happy with the service your stylist provides, feel free to venmo your stylist directly. We ask that you do not exchange cash with your stylist for sanitary reasons.

I have a big family and we all want our hair cut. Do you offer discounts?

Reach out to us! If the stylist is able to setup shop in one location for a few clients, we will offer a promotional discount.

Safety and Sanitation

What extra safety precautions are you taking in light of COVID-19?

- We require our hairstylists to wear a face mask, face shield and gloves for every appointment. - Additionally, we ask that clients wear a face mask with ear loops. If the stylist does not wear a face mask and shield to the appointment, we ask that the client informs us and cancels the appointment. Conversely, if the client does not wear a face mask to the appointment, the stylist will cancel the appointment. - Our stylists will use anti-bacterial hand santizer in front of you with at least 60% alcohol, before your appointment and after. If there is an outdoor sink available, stylists will wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap. - Stylists will clean all equipment with barbicide cleaning products as recommended by the CDC before and after each appointment. - We ask that clients should have a designated area for their haircut with a freshly laundered towel ready for your hairstylist. - Our stylists will not wash or blowdry your hair to limit the spread of aerosols. If recomended by the stylist, the client can blow dry their hair inside and the stylist will wait outside to do touchups.

What if I'm not feeling well?

If you are symptomatic or have a fever, we ask that you reschedule. If you cancel before the stylist leaves for your appointment, you will not be charged a penalty. If the stylist has already left for your appointment, we will refund you 70% and use the rest to cover the stylists' time. Our stylists will also reschedule if they are feeling under the weather. It is important that everyone does their best to stop the spread COVID-19.

Should we shake hands with our stylist?

No! As stated on the Barbicide website, it's time to get creative and find new and more distant ways of greeting one another < curtsies >


Do I need an outdoor space?

Yes! We prefer if your home has an outdoor area that has enough space for a chair. Please have an area designated for your stylist with a freshly laundered towel. If you have any questions about your outdoor space, feel free to message us.

This sounds great. How does this work?

It's easy. Fill out the form, and we'll text you to schedule your hair appointment. We'll reach out the day before to confirm. Then, sit back relax and do not go anywhere. We will come to you! All you need to provide is a chair with a low back, a freshly laundered towel and a face mask (for yourself). If you have any questions, you can reach us by text, instagram, facebook, or twitter. We are here to help.

What is Shaglam?

Glad you asked! We are a booking service that connects hairstylists to clients.

What does Shaglam mean?

Great question! We consider it an exclamation. Shaglam embodies the feeling of going from shaggy and unkempt to glamorous. As we were cooped up inside our small apartment pacing back and forth, unable to walk outside and stroking our dead ends, we began to earn for a feeling of glamor. Thus the name shaglam was born.

If I like my stylist is there a way to tell you?

Of course! We love feedback. In fact, we ask that you rate your stylist after the appointment.

Do you have an app?

We are in the process of making an app to make this process seamless. In the meantime, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and connecting you to a stylist through our online portal right here.